Gaia & Luna release new single “Give Me Your Love” (feat. DJ B3LFAST & Dana Williams)

GAIA & LUNA, the young DJ/producer duo already billed as “The Next Nervo”, unveil their highly anticipated new single, Give Me Your Love, featuring DJ B3LFAST and Dana Williams. The single packs big beats and punchy melodies galore that draw the utmost attention. It is released via Everness Music this Aug. 1st, 2016.

Speaking about the track, GAIA & LUNA say: “We tried our best to make something fresh and interesting. We’d been working for a long time to make the right song for our new single and the moment we came up with this one, we knew that it was the one”. Listen in below via its official lyric video.

GAIA & LUNA are a female DJ/producer/singer/composer duo comprising of sisters Gaia and Luna Carollo. Their lives have been immersed in popular music from a very young age. Thanks to their fresh music and adrenaline-fueled DJ shows they’ve been expanding their profile around the globe, reaching over 260 Thousand fans on Facebook and 2.3 million views of their videos on YouTube. They performed at international events with artists such as Martin Garrix, Dyro, Basto, Cascada and many more. GAIA & LUNA have evolved creatively into the DJ duo we see now, with their collective fingers firmly on the pulse of electronic dance music.





 Gaia & Luna - 8965m1

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